Richard Thompson – The Forum, Bath

Two years after last seeing Richard Thompson at the forum I was back for another performance, this time in support of the newly released Acoustic Classics album. Nepotism played a major part in the selection of The Rails as support, given that it comprises Richard’s daughter Kami along with her husband. Whilst I’m sure they were very good, I just found them incredibly dull.

All was forgiven when the main act himself took to the stage, and armed with just an acoustic guitar made his way through a 90 minute or so set which included much of the aforementioned Acoustic Classics, other songs from the extensive back-catalog, and some work in progress for the 14-18 Now project.

The final song of the night saw The Rails return to the stage to join in on a track from a forthcoming Thompson family album due to be released next year.

Bathsheba Smiles
Saving The Good Stuff For You
God Loves A Drunk
Jonny’s Far Away
Fergus Lang
1952 Vincent Black Lightning
Sunset Song
I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight
Genesis Hall
Good Things Happen To Bad People
Hope You Like The New Me
Read About Love
14-18 Now – work in progress
Wall Of Death
Dimming Of The Day
I Feel So Good

Ghosts In The Wind
One Door Opens

That’s Enough (with The Rails)

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  1. steveojo69 says:

    Remember what happened last time you insulted the support act.