Object of desire: LeMond Washoe

Let me start out by saying I don’t need a new road bike.

I already have a very nice titanium Singular Firebird with 11spd Campagnolo Chorus, and a half-steel/half-carbon 2005 Lemond Buenos Aires with 10spd Campagnolo Centaur, neither of which gets ridden enough. However that doesn’t stop me lusting over one of these:

LeMond Washoe

It’s a LeMond Washoe. Built from Reynolds 853 tubing, mated to an Enve 2.0 fork held in place by a Chris King headset. The geometry is pretty much identical to my Buenos Aires which seems to fit me like a glove. In other words it’s pretty much perfect, apart from the small issue of there being no dealers in the UK at the moment. For the sake of my wallet hopefully it’ll stay that way.

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