Shuttleworth Air Pageant – September 2014

A superb day out at Shuttleworth for the Air Pageant where I managed to get sunburned. The only downside was the fact they didn’t fly the DH88 Comet until 7, and we’d had to leave for the long drive home half an hour or so earlier. I’m mainly annoyed that they didn’t bother to tell us until the end of the main display that flying the Comet was only a possibility, given that they’d made a big thing about how it was displaying for the first time in many years. At least I know to take their advertised line-ups with a much larger pinch of salt than previously needed.

Gloster Gladiator
de Havillland DH88 Comet
Hawker Hunter T7
Gloster Gladiator pair
Gloster Gladiator
de Havilland DH.60 Moth
BBMF Supermarine Spitfire and Hawker Hurricane
RAF BE2c pair
Hawker Sea Hurricane and Westland Lysander

More photos: Shuttleworth Air Pageant – September 2014

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