No longer an object of desire

A few months back I posted about the LeMond Washoe and how I wanted one, even though I couldn’t actually justify it alongside my existing Singular Firebird and LeMond Buenos Aires. I was seriously considering importing one, and had got to the point of working out if there was a way I could afford to order one in the new year.

Fortunately though LeMond solved the problem for me by increasing the price by $500. At $1799 it was expensive, at $2299 it’s, in my opinion, way overpriced for an off the peg 853 frame, even if it does include an ENVE fork and Chris King headset.

New Model Army – Rock City, Nottingham

Mid-December means the now annual pilgrimage to Nottingham for the New Model Army Christmas show. This year it was billed as being a bit special.

The first set was fairly normal, with the only exception being the occasional appearance of Andy Woodard on additional percussion.

For the second set they were joined by a string duo playing violin and chello who accompanied the band on most of the songs. Part way through the set Ed Alleyne-Johnson made an appearance and kept popping up throughout the set.

The highlight for me was Vagabonds in the first encore. It started out with just Ed and Justin on stage with the obligatory extended violin intro, until half-way through the song Dean White joined in on bass and the the other 6 musicians all joined in on various drum kits.

It’s going to be hard to match this next year.

Rumour and Rapture
Christian Militia
Red Earth
No Rest
Between Dog and Wolf

Someone Like Jesus
Into the Wind
Orange Tree Roads
March in September
Devil’s Bargain
Liberal Education
No Mirror, No Shadow
One of the Chosen
Family Life
No Pain
Angry Planet
Poison Street
Wonderful Way to Go

Till the End of the Day (Kinks cover)

Green and Grey