#12 – Shichinin no Samurai

I’d planned to follow Gladiator with Braveheart which I’d picked up at the same time, however it turns out I’ve already crossed it off the list. So on to Seven Samurai, all three and a half hours of it. A film I don’t think I’ve seen since I was at school.

Watching this means I’ve now completed the top 50 of the 250 films on the list, and I’ve got all the films here needed to complete the top 75.


Levellers, A Curious Life – The Forum, Bath.

Something slightly different tonight. The first half of the evening was a showing of A Curious Life, a film which covers the history of the Levellers via the life of bassist Jeremy Cunningham.

Following the film there was a quick Q&A with the director Dunstan Bruce, and Jeremy Cunningham. Dan managed to ask his insightful question about the price of whisky. The answer was £285.

After the Q&A there was a quick break before the band took the stage for a superb acoustic set, which involved a lot of dancing much to the consternation of the security guards.

The Boatman
The Road
Hard Fight
Edge of the World
Alone in This Darkness
61 Minutes Of Pleading
After the Hurricane
Maid of the River
Barrel of the Gun
Truth Is
Dirty Davey
Burford Stomp

Carry Me
What You Know