New Model Army – Bristol Bierkeller

A last minute change of venue for the gig tonight to the Bierkeller, somewhere I used to see a lot of bands some 25 years ago, but haven’t visited for 12 years or so.

Support came from Bad Cardigans, who weren’t wearing cardigans, but weren’t too bad otherwise.

As always New Model Army were superb, storming through the first few songs without a pause. A few forgotten lyrics during Purity being the only glitch of the night. It was very hot and sweaty in the Bierkeller though, and the choice of beers at the bar was appalling.

States Radio
March in September
No Greater Love
Devils Bargain
Orange Tree Roads
No Mirror, No Shadow
One of the Chosen
Another Imperial Day
Between Dog and Wolf
Angry Planet
Wonderful Way To Go

Christian Militia
I Love the World

Get Me Out

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