The Top 250 Films Project

After 7 years, 11 months, and 13 days, it’s all over.

Back in July 2008 a group of three of us decided to do something a bit more constructive with our weekly(ish) film nights. So we took a copy of the IMDB Top 250 Films as it was on the evening in question and started to work our way through them all, kicking off with Full Metal Jacket.

Over the years the three dropped to two, and then it became a solo project. It’s introduced me to some excellent new films, as well as a few I didn’t care for at all, and got me to re-watch some old favourites.

After the summer I might look at updating the list and tackling the new additions, but then again I might not.

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2 Responses to The Top 250 Films Project

  1. Kingsizedan says:

    I think it’s a rolling thing that you ought to monitor ?

  2. Tom says:

    It feels like longer