Running Hope 20Five Pro 4 wheels with tubes

Getting some Schwalbe S-One tyres to mount properly on my new Hope 20Five Pro 4 wheels has been an interesting experience. Yes I know I should probably be running them tubeless, but I’m a luddite.

The Hope 20Five wheels come supplied with 10mm Velox tape, this is too narrow to even cover both sides of the spoke holes in the rim, and so is worse than useless.

A single wrap of insulation tape isn’t quite enough with the back tyre puncturing after a few days without even being ridden. After removing the tyre it showed that the tape had shifted around in the rim uncovering a couple of holes.

16mm Velox tape covers the holes nicely at first, but also shifts around in the rim causing punctures, and it’s thick enough to stop the bead popping in to place.

13mm Velox tape fits into the channel better, but still shifts slightly and causes more punctures.

In the end I settled for two layers of decent insulation tape, one butted up to each side of the rim. The tyres pop in to place nicely at 80psi or so, and there should hopefully be enough tape in the middle to protect the tube from the spoke holes. 21mm Stans tape would probably be a better option, but there’s nowhere local open on a Sunday to buy any.

The wheels survived the first test ride, the tyres certainly inject a bit of speed to the Croix de Fer, but it’s loses some of it’s ‘magic carpet’ ride quality compared to the 38mm Schwalbe G One tyres.

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