My Bikes


A History of Bikes

mid 1970’s: red thing with white tyres (sold)

late 1970’s: Raleigh Disco (sold)

early 1980’s: Raleigh Arena (sold)

early 1980’s: Elswick Goodwood (written off by van)

1985: Falcon Kellogs (sold)

1989: Raleigh Memphis (broke, replaced, sold)

1991: Alpinestars Cro-Mega (stolen)

1991: Alpinestars Cro-Mega DX (stolen)

1992: Orange Clockwork (in the cellar in pieces)

2000: Univega 704 (gone)

2001: On-One Inbred singlespeed (in the cellar in pieces)

2001: Cove Stiffee (currently frame only)

2002: Schwinn Fastback (gone)

2002: Planet-X Jack Flash (sold)

2003: Craftworks FRM125 (currently frame and forks only)

2003: Trek XO (sold)

2005: Lemond Buenos Aires

2005: Kona Kaboom (sold)

2005: Specialized Langster (sold)

2006: Ribble Audax (retired)

2006: Kona Unit (in the cellar in pieces)

2007: Specialized TriCross SingleCross

2008: One-One 456 (currently frame only)

2008: Trek 69er Singlespeed

2008: Planet-X Uncle John (retired)

2009: Trek 69er Geared

2009: Singular Peregrine

2010: Cotic Hemlock

2010: Bob Jackson Vigorelli

2010: Trek 69er Singlespeed (sold).

2011: Singular Firebird

2012: Singular Pegasus

2012: Salsa Mukluk 3

2013: Kinesis TK3

2016: Genesis Croix de Fer 30

2017: Stooge Mk3

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