Outdoor cats

Since the weather improved at the weekend I’ve not seen Mulder and Scully in the house at all. They were both in when I got home Saturday night, but have been outside ever since. Mulder was wandering round next doors garden yesterday evening, and Scully was in the garden of the house over the back this morning, both probably looking for somewhere cooler to sleep. I dare say they’ll return soon when the weather changes again.

A month with Mulder and Scully

They’ve been with me just over a month now, so it’s time for an update. Scully is still very nervous of people, and if you move towards her she’ll back off. Mulder is a little bolder, sometimes you can stroke or tickle him, sometimes he’ll back off. Anything at floor level which they can move has been chased all over the house, they’ve even recovered some of Hobbes’ old table-tennis balls that hadn’t been seen for years. Provided the weather isn’t too bad, I’ll let them out for the first time tomorrow, they keep looking longingly out of the windows at the outside world.

Currently they are play fighting with each other, and chasing each other and anything else they can find around the house.