TNT are messing with my head

On Tuesday I got home to find two non-delivery notes from TNT, one telling me a parcel had been taken back to the depot, and another saying there was a parcel with a neighbour. As I was only expecting one parcel I naturally assumed that the second note superceded the first, and therefore dutifully ignored it.

Today I got home and found an answerphone message from TNT saying they still had a parcel for me, I assumed they’d cocked up the paperwork because of the two non-delivery notes, and rang them to say so. After speaking to several different people, they couldn’t actually work out why anyone had rung me, however they insisted they still had a parcel for me. At this point I realised that the Dell speakers I didn’t really want anyway hadn’t actually been delivered. After protracted negotiations, TNT said they’d redeliver the remaining package tomorrow, all well and good.

However I then headed out to Sainsburys, and on my way saw my neighbour who promptly handed me the parcel containing the missing speakers.

I’ve no idea what TNT think they are delivering tomorrow, and I’ve got even less idea why they sent the PC and speakers out on seperate deliveries on Tuesday.

It lives

Despite what Dell may claim, the PC was waiting with the neighbours when I got home from work. A quick play with Vista home saw me reach for the XP CD so I could install a proper operating system. I had to get all retro to do it, and dig out an old floppy disk drive, then try and locate a working floppy disk in order to be able to load the SATA RAID drivers at install time. After a couple of false starts it was soon up and running.

I’m probably going to have to get a new keyboard as my MS Natural keyboard has a PS2 connector, and this PC is USB only. Having said that I think a couple of spare PS2->USB adaptors arrived with a new Dell server last week so I might borrow one of those for the moment.

I’m now in the middle of a software install and update frenzy to get everything I need loaded and patched.

Dell = Slow

Still no word on a proper delivery date for my new PC. I ordered it Saturday evening, the order was finally acknowledged Tuesday afternoon promising a proper confirmation "shortly". That’s still not arrived.

I think I’ll cancel my day off tomorrow and reschedule it when Dell sort themselves out and get things moving.