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Let there be light

A trip to the LBS today saw a set Light & Motion Seca 700 Race lights come home with me, I’d finally got bored with waiting for the Hope lights to arrive so bit the bullet. They’ve been charged, briefly … Continue reading

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All the gold in Lego Land

After another few hours work I’ve now collected all 160 gold bricks in Lego Star Wars. Technically I’ve still only done 88.5% of the game, but there’s nothing left to gain, only those last few percentage points. Time for Lego … Continue reading

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Lego Star Wars

I spent a fair amount of time this weekend working my way through more of Lego Star Wars, I’ve just got the last two sections of Return of the Jedi to finish on free play, then most of the Bounty … Continue reading

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More Lego Star Wars

I worked my way thorough Episode IV tonight, and also had an online game with Steve for a short while using the Bluetooth headset which makes things a lot easier. It’s GTA4 day tomorrow, hopefully mine will arrive in the … Continue reading

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I have succumbed to peer pressure…

…and ordered Grand Theft Auto IV in advance of it’s release next week. Several people at work actually have the day booked off work so they can play it all day.

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Another evening lost to Lego Star Wars

Steve and I did at least get an online game working, although it’s not much use until my Bluetooth headset turns up. The RSPCA did their final cat visit this evening as well, Mulder and Scully behaved perfectly and even … Continue reading

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Lego Star Wars stole my day

It’s viciously addictive. Shame Steve and I couldn’t get an online game going.

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Gran Turismo 5 Prologue

Wow. Update: 6 hours playing in the end. Classes C and B are cleared, and I’ve started on class A. The on-line racing is kind of fun as well, I even managed to win one race.

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