Let there be light

A trip to the LBS today saw a set Light & Motion Seca 700 Race lights come home with me, I’d finally got bored with waiting for the Hope lights to arrive so bit the bullet. They’ve been charged, briefly tested in a dark house, and weather permitting will be christened on Wednesday evening.

I also fitted a slightly longer stem to the Unit to go with the H-Bars, and thanks to the summer flooding of Chain Reaction have ordered the parts to convert the Bontrager Race X-Lite wheel on the back of the 69er to 10mm RWS bolt-through which is rumoured to cure the annoying creaking.

The rest of the day was spent playing Lego Batman which is fantastic, almost as good as Lego Star Wars, and far far better than Lego Indiana Jones.

Lego Star Wars

I spent a fair amount of time this weekend working my way through more of Lego Star Wars, I’ve just got the last two sections of Return of the Jedi to finish on free play, then most of the Bounty Hunter Challenges to complete. I’d nearly finished the last-but-one section and was down to the last cannister, when the PS3 decided to freeze meaning a reboot and a wasted 30-minutes of playing. I’ll try again one evening this week, then it’ll be time for Indiana Jones.