Bath Rugby vs Newport Gwent Dragons

It was my first visit to The Rec for at least 15 years today thanks to Rachael and some spare corporate season tickets. We were sat pretty much on the half-way line giving a good view of the pitch and the sunshine on the hills to the south-east of town. A couple of pints of Guinness and a hip-flask of rather warm Laphroaig helped the afternoon go smoothly, and Bath put on a good show soundly beating Newport 36-15.

I must try and get to another match without leaving it 15-20 years.

Summer – Better late than never

You’d never guess it was the start of October today as summer has finally made an appearance.

We celebrated by having a BBQ last night, eating and drinking in the garden until we couldn’t see any longer.

This afternoon was spent geo-caching up by the Uni, followed by a quick wander round town shopping in glorious sunshine, and it’s about to be finished off with another BBQ.

Tomorrow we head up to Old Warden for the last Shuttleworth Collection airshow of the year, hopefully in yet more glorious sunshine.


Please note the following article which appeared in today’s inTheWeek;

Management development opportunities
The following courses are available:

  • Introduction to People Management
  • Minimising employee contribution and effectiveness
  • Recruiting the best staff
  • Crucial conversations.

Please book on ESR through self-service or the contact the Education Centre on xxxxx.

Should have read maximising employee contribution and effectiveness.

I think the original was more accurate.

Things that annoy me #2

Companies who still can’t get email right.

Date: Thu, 23 Jun 2011 17:20:43 GMT
To: Richard
Subject: Richard’s Essential Cinema: 2011 Hot List + Win The Fighter on DVD

Dear Richard,

We are sorry but we are having trouble sending an email to you. If you would like the see the web version of the email please visit….

Happy viewing,
The LOVEFiLM team

You aren’t having trouble sending me an email, in fact you’ve been entirely successful in sending me an email, you just can’t cope with multipart/alternative correctly.