Wheels for the Inbred are

Wheels for the Inbred are apparently being built today which means I should get them early next

Moronic idiot at work decided that they would reset all the file-level permissions on one of
their W2000 servers because they know better than I do. The fuckwit managed to lock the server
out of it’s own pagefile and other useful things. The rogering tosspost doesn’t even understand
what they did wrong. Death is too good for some people.

New frame and forks arrived

New frame and forks arrived today, it’s an On-One
Inbred with
Inbred Forks. Mmmm nice. I’ve got
quite a few bits to go on it, but I’m waiting for chainset/bottom bracket and wheels which should arrive in a week or two.
I can hardly wait.

I’m now off to the pub for a leaving do which will inevitably involve large quantities of lager followed
by an overly hot curry. The keyword for tomorrow will be “hangover”.

Fell of my bike today.

Fell of my bike today. My first painful crash in a while. The worst thing about it was that it happened
on a flat bit of road in Homebase carpark. The cause: a snapped chain. The result: skinned knees
and elbow, and a badly bruised thigh. The bike survived with just a damaged grip and broken chain.
The annoying part was that I was on the way to my LBS at the time to get a new chain. Does this
prove that chains are psychic? Did it self-destruct before it could be replaced by a newer model?
Or am I just a crap mechanic? Who knows? Who cares? Can I get a few more question-marks into this

Rode a geared bike today

Rode a geared bike today for the first time in ages. Rode for about four hours, the route was partly thwarted by foot and mouth
which ended up adding in some climbing on the road. However the sun shone, and for those few hours, life was sweet.

Still awaiting my new frame and forks. Supposed to be here by now but I’m not surprised by their continued absence.

Today is National Bike to

Today is National Bike to Work day, so I rode my bike to work. No change there then.
Actually I rode my bike to work twice for various reasons, chiefly a broken hip (not mine).

Played around with PHP a little and properly sorted out this diary type thing.

Discovery of the day: Bicycle drivetrains work better when you remember to add some oil occasionally.