Road Wheel Weight Limits

This’ll probably be of little interest to anyone but me, but it’ll save me having to look it up repeatedly. I’m ignoring tubulars and disc/tri-spoke wheels for the moment.

ManufacturerModelWeight Limit
All109kg/240lbs (caution above 82kg/180lbs)
DT SwissTricon RRC
Tricon RR1450
Tricon R 1700100kg/220lbs
Ardennes Stallion102kg/225lbs
Pro-LiteJet Stallion102kg/225lbs
ZippAll clinchers113kg/250lbs
American ClassicVarious79-109kg/175-240lbs depending on model
BontragerAllNo rider weight limits
Mad FibreClincherNo rider weight limit
ReynoldsAllNo rider weight limits
EastonAllNo rider weight limits
StansAlpha 340 Pro86kg/190lbs
Alpha 340 Team104kg/230lbs
Alpha 340 Comp113kg/250lbs
Alpha 400 Pro95kg/210lbs
Alpha 400 Team113kg/250lbs
Alpha 400 Comp113kg/250lbs
WilliamsVarious77-109kg/170-240lbs depending on model
MarchisioAll 100kg/220lbs
Arc Carbon WheelsAll100kg/220lbs
FLO CyclingStandard90kg/198lbs
Profile DesignAll carbon100kg/220lbs
Swiss Side18/20 Spoke90kg/198lbs
20/24 Spoke105kg/231lbs
Wiggle Black Series by TuneRAC27110kg/242lbs
Julius CyclingAC2280kg/177lbs
EnveAllNo rider weight limits
industry NineAll100kg/250lbs
Weight limits for road clincher wheels. All details taken from manufacturers websites.

A few manufacturers including Shimano, Halo, and Cole, and, don’t appear to give any weight limits. This may or may not be a good thing.

Several manufactures including Rolf, Ritchey, and FFWD have vague statements regarding weight limits which don’t actually say anything useful, but are probably sufficient for them to deny any warranty claim if you’ve eaten too many pies. Probably best avoided.

Last updated: July 2014

7 Responses to Road Wheel Weight Limits

  1. colin says:

    4000miles on Ultegras (115kgs) no issues.

  2. Neal says:

    10000 miles on Campagnolo scirocco cx wheels, all sorts of roads inc cobbles, best used with 25mm continental gatorskins at 110 psi, (i,m 110 kgs), the wheel secret for tall or heavy guys is forget small flange hubs, no matter how many spokes there are, as soon as you get on the big ring you’ll destroy that rear wheel no matter what brand. think big flange !
    have a great ride….

  3. Thought Mavic recommended 120kgs (bike included)?

  4. James says:

    Are those ratings per wheel or per set, do you know?

  5. paul says:

    I would strongly disagree with the Easton statement. If you weigh over 175 and ride their 16/20 spoke count wheels, your going to break some spokes. Especially in a sprint. You may be able to use these low spoke counts in a pure climbing situation, but I would definitely not use them for everyday riding.

    I would use this rule of thumb for all wheels. If your above 175lbs, then get more spokes.

  6. Sekar says:

    Neal – thank you. It gives me comfort given i am 90+ and just bought scirocco 35 (not cx).

  7. Dan says:

    Fulcrum Quattro Lg… 115kg Strong rider. Out the saddle up hill efforts. 3 years 7000 miles no issues. Bombproof!

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